Employee Survey Checklist

The following checklist should help you in conducting a survey of employees.

Senior managers are committed to the survey initiative and to plan to act on the results.

Involve employees at all levels in the definition of the content of the survey (that is, identification of issues and content areas).

Chose survey topics that can be acted upon and plan to act on the results.

Pilot tested the questionnaire.

Participants know about how much time it takes to respond to the survey.

Participants know how may days (weeks) the survey will be available for participation.

Everyday language was used in the questionnaire. Each employee should be able to understand and relate to the questions and response categories.

Questionnaire includes clear and easy to understand instructions.

Responses can be submitted anonymously.

Communicate both good and bad results to employees.

Present planned actions to employees as well as reasons why some issues will not be acted upon.

Repeat the survey to see whether attitudes change. (optional)