Matrix Style of Items: Survey Example

Sometimes it may be easier to rate multiple individuals at the same time rather than access separate forms for each employee. In the example below, you can rate ten employees at the same time.

This questionnaire format utilizes several unique web-based elements. The seven competencies listed in the header at the top of the matrix link to each competency definition. Clicking on the competency name will bring a popup window with the competency definition. Also, moving the mouse over the competency name should also make the competency definition appear. Clicking on the names in the left column of the matrix will scroll the window to the comment boxes associated with that individual.

Due to horizontal space limitations, this format of questionnaire items is usually limited to 7 to 10 competencies. Additional competencies might necessitate the need for horizontal scroll bars which make the form more difficult to complete.

This format of questionnaire items is well suited to team assessments. In this example, an additional rating (Overall Performance) is made of just the Team Leader.

William Miers
Graham Milne
Anthony Denby
Margaret Carter
Anna Cooker
Matt Sinclair
John Burgess
David Cameron
Gregory Smith
Kurt Sutton

Your Team Leader is:

Supporting Comments

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