Required Input

Your questionnaire may contain fields that require input from the user. Some uses of these questions would be for the collection of demographic data on the survey participants.

We can design items on your questionnaire using three different input modes:

  1. Not Required - Most items will be of this type so that the survey participant can skip items that they feel uncomfortable answering.

  2. Warn if left blank - There may be some items on your survey that you would want a response for but would not need to make the item manditory. For these items, a brief message will be displayed if the participant leaves the field blank.

  3. Required (Click here for a demo) - If it is important for you to analyze the data by demographic variables, or if comments and explanations are required, then you can require input for these fields. An appropriate message will be displayed.
Both the "Warn if left blank" and "Required" modes will display a JavaScript alert box if the participant leaves the item blank on the questionnaire. However, the participant will be unable to proceed with other pages on the questionnaire if the field is required and they left it blank.

Also, the software will place the focus of the cursor on the item that needs to be responded to.

You have complete control over what messages are displayed and under what conditions.

Example Form

For some surveys, it is important to get responses to certain questions. We label these questions: "required". Look at the sample questionnaire below. Each of the fields is required. Try submitting the form without providing a response to one or more of the items.

Thank you for participating in this training needs assessment. Please note that all items marked in RED are required for a response.

If you need assistance with this questionnaire, please contact _____
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