Email Message for Administering 360-Degree Feedback Systems

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From:360-Feedback System
Subject:Administrative Procedures for the 360-Feedback System

You are Scheduled

You are scheduled to participate in a 360-Feedback assessment process.

Save this memo for reference throughout the process because it contains the step-by-step process that you will follow.

You have __ weeks to complete the process. The web-based tool for administrators and senior leaders within our organization to receive 360-feedback. The 360-Feedback Survey provides you with a snapshot of feedback about your behavior and its' impact on people using the our core values. The people providing feedback include the person(s) you report directly to, your direct reports, your peers, and others you may wish to include.

The individuals you invite to provide you with feedback will be asked to respond using this 360-Feedback Survey. This web-based process is self-managed, which means you are responsible for monitoring completion of feedback by your survey participants within the __ week period, following-up with those who are slow to respond to your request for feedback, and providing a copy of your 360-Feedback Results report to you.

When all your survey participants have submitted their feedback you will receive a link to access your detailed 360-Feedback Results report. This report presents and summarizes all the information collected from the survey respondents. Except for your self-assessment and your direct manager's feedback, the feedback of all other participants will be averaged by respondent category for anonymity.


You have __ weeks from the time you enter survey participant email addresses into the system to complete the 360-Feedback Survey. After __ weeks the system will close and will no longer be accessible to either you or your survey participants to submit feedback.

To access the web-based system, you need an e-mail address and password to log in. For confidentiality, a random password has been assigned to you. You can change your password for subsequent logins.

Your e-mail address for use in this system is:
Your initial password for use in this system is:

The process for your feedback involves the steps below. The web-based system will guide you through steps 4-6.

Step 1: Draft a list of the individuals you wish to receive feedback from. The categories for the 360-Feedback givers are:
  1. Self
  2. Manager(s) to whom you report
  3. Direct Reports - minimum of 3 and maximum of __ individuals
  4. Peers - minimum of 3 and maximum of __ individuals
  5. Others - this category is optional. If selected, still require a minimum of 3 and maximum of __ individuals.
Step 2: Review your survey participant list with your reporting manager(s) to obtain their input and to finalize the participant list.
Step 3: Contact each of your intended survey participants to invite them to provide feedback before entering their names into the system
Step 4: Accurately enter all the survey participant email addresses into the system, including your reporting manager(s). Once the email addresses are entered, the system automatically sends the survey participant the web link and instructions.
Step 5: Respond to the survey by completing your self-assessment.
Step 6: Track the submission of final feedback from all your survey participants by logging into the system on at least a weekly basis to ensure timely completion. You can check the completion status on the page following your log-in. Follow-up directly with survey participants who have not responded or who have not submitted their final feedback. The system will close in __ weeks and it is your responsibility to ensure your survey participants submit their final feedback for you.
Step 7: You will receive a link to print your 360-Feedback Results report within 1 week of all survey participant feedback being submitted.

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