Performance Management Survey Demo 1

This example questionnaire shows how comments can be an integral part of the survey. In this example, a comment box is provided for each rating made by the participant. These written comments provide valuable feedback in more detail than just a single rating.

ABC Global Performance Review

This performance appraisal form shows how an "Overall Rating" (shown below on the right) can be automatically calculated by the software.
When the form loads, the Overall Rating is blank. This is because the supervisor hasn't yet rated the employee's job performance.
The Overall Rating field is automatically updated as the form is completed by the supervisor. You can see the changes in "real-time".
Instructions: In this example assessment, there are 4 possible Overall Scores:
  1. Score >= 2.8 is Outstanding (O)
  2. Score >=2.5 is Exceeds Expectations (E)
  3. Score >=1.6: Meets Expectations (M)
  4. Otherwise: Did not meet expectations (D)
The actual numeric value is shown at the bottom of this assessment form. A single letter grade representing the Overall Rating is shown here at the top of the form.
Information on team member being reviewed Reviewer's Details Overall Rating

When the form is initially loaded, there is no Overall Rating. However, as you make ratings below, the Overall Rating will be calculated and shown immediately.

Incorporate Job Descriptions and other HR documents into the process.

Job Competencies

Customer Service Customer Awareness (internal & external customers)
Identifies customer needs and responds to customer complaints and requests for information.

Build Relationships (internal & external customers)
Ensures all customer commitments and requirements are met or exceeded.

Achievement Orientation Innovation
Is able to think through complex problems using unique solutions. Builds upon the ideas and solutions of others. Develops several approaches or solutions to a problem. Seeks new ideas and adapts to changing environments.

Decision Making
Understands the issues, problems, and potential solutions. Exercises good judgment by making sound and informed decisions. Systematically gathers, analyzes, and interprets information from a variety of sources. Evaluates short and long term consequences when making decisions.

Functional Excellence
Effective in performing his/her job. Listens and responds to issues and problems Sets long-term and short-term goals. Sets standards for performance.

Bias for Action Take Ownership
Completes work on time. Identifies ways to simplify work processes and reduce cycle times. Takes decisive action to address problems, following up with relevant team members and coaching them on how to improve. Works quickly when faced with difficult problems.

Be Passionate
Team member believes in the company and completes work with energy and enthusiasm and performs to the best of their abilities

Communicate Effectively
Team member willingly shares information with other team members and encourages teamwork

Interpersonal Skills Raport
Establishes good raport with employees and customers. Is open and approachable. Adapts management style to meet the needs of the individual or situation.

Consistently keeps commitments. Delivers on promises made. Takes personal responsibility for results. Demonstrates a sense of responsibility and commitment to public trust.

Upon completion of probation period (if applicable): Please tick the appropriate box:
Further probation needed

Extend probation period by (if applicable): Yes No

Over the past period, this person was particularly good at:

This section of the form allows you to specify goals for specific competencies. You can specify the objectives, action plan, and criteria for evaluation.

Please determine individual development objectives for the next period:

Individual Development Objective
Specific Action Plan
Mid Year Comments

Year End Comments

Individual Development Objective
Specific Action Plan
Mid Year Comments

Year End Comments

Final Overall Rating

Competencies Rating

Total Performance Score (converted to Letter Grade)
General Comments
Mid year comments:
Mid year comments:
Year end comments:
Year end comments:
Signature and Date:

Reviewer's Signature and Date: