Training Needs Survey Demo 3

Notice the variety of item formats in this questionnaire. Your questionnaire will be customized to your specifications.

Training and Development Employee Survey

Training and Development Employee Survey

  1. Identify the three most important strengths the Agency brings to its employees?

  2. To become the Employer of Choice, we must?

  3. What are the three most important Training needs you would identify?

  4. Rate the following strategic issues in Training and Development
    from 1 (most important) to 7 (least important):
    1 2 3 4 5 6 7
    Improved information system on training courses available
    Improved employee orientation
    Customer service effectiveness
    Explicit corporate vision pertaining to Training & Development
    Centralized Training & Development Service
    Middle Management Development What comes next
    Harassment Prevention
    Health & Safety
    Higher corporate investment in Training and Development
    Others (be specific):

  5. If you have had performance reviews, do you recall whether you discussed training needs
    and/or Career development with your supervisor? Yes No

  6. What should an orientation program for new employees include?

  7. At this moment, Divisions exercise autonomy and independent
    decision-making for their operational training needs.
    1. Should it remain status quo? Yes No
    2. If not, should the generic, technical and soft skills training
      (or part of) be centralized with HR/Training & Development?
      Generic: Yes No
      Technical: Yes No
      Soft Skills: Yes No
    3. Should a training funding mechanism be proposed such as % of the total payroll? Yes No

  8. What do you see as your Unit/Division's most important training need?

  9. What other three key training needs should the Agency work towards improving over the next 2-3 years?

  10. What can HR Training and Development do to address your training need(s)?

  11. The Subsidized Education and Development Plan is made available to
    full-time employees up to a maximum of $500 each fiscal year.
    1. Is this amount realistic? Yes No
    2. If not, in your opinion, what would be a realistic amount?
    3. Should Subsidized Education be extended to part-time employees? Yes No
    4. Should equal or lesser amounts be offered? Yes No

  12. To help us understand your continuing training/education needs,
    what topics listed below would you like to see training on?
    Rank the following training/education needs from 1 (most
    important) to 7 (least important):


    1 2 3 4 5 6 7
    Supervisory Skills
    Sexual Harassment
    Health & Safety
    Workplace Violence
    Food & Beverage Mgt course
    Stress Management
    Presentation Skills
    Computer Skills
    Workplace Ethics
    Customer Service Skills
    Business Letter & Memo writing
    Writing Performance Appraisals
    Others (be specific):

    Career Development

    1 2 3 4 5 6 7
    Business Administration Certification Programs
    Financial Administration Certification Programs
    Middle Management Certification Programs
    HR Certification
    Strategic Planning/Org Skills
    Business Planning
    Others (be specific):

  13. Have you attended any employer paid training course away
    from your workplace in the last year? If yes, which

  14. Have you paid for training/career development
    courses away from workplace in the last year? If yes, which

  15. Would a centralized Training and Development Center with a structured, progressive
    and sequential approach to employee development and training for entry-level through executive
    management positions be a need at ASCPA? Yes No

  16. Are conferences, seminars, workshops or other types of training or career development
    being recorded for your employees? Yes No

  17. Please rate the method of training you feel would be most effective
    to achieve your learning goals:
    Not Very
    Computer Base Training
    Web Conferencing